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K9 Gardefense Working Dogs

When only the best will do.

K9 GARDEFENSE WORKING DOGS is a business specialized in Top Quality dogs for Law Enforcement, Military K9 Units, Private Companies and Civilians. We test our dogs for courage and drive to do their work. The testing and training we do, guarentee that we can provide you with the best dogs available. We continually strive to bring and select the right dog for you our clients.

We can supply you with fully trained dogs dogs for police/military K9 units, private companies or civilians anywhere in the world. For this service we can provide many breeds, but the three breeds - German Shepherd, Malinois or Dutcdh Shepherd - we specialize in, provide the best overall dogs for the type of work most often ask of them.

All our dogs come with the available legal paperwork that belongs with the dog and we are confident that you will find out that our Dogs and Personal Attention are second to none in the Professional Dog Business.

We can supply you with:

  • Fully trained or Partly trained dogs
  • Top Quality Competiton dogs
  • Dogs able to detect Narcotics
  • Dogs able to detect Explosives
  • Dogs able to detect Contraband
  • Fully trained Personal Protection dogs that can meet the highest standards
  • Dogs trained to work as Private Security dog
  • Our kennel is specialized in German Shepherds specifically bred, selected and trained to become your best partner ever.

    K9 Gardefense Working Dogs is owned and operated by Jan van der Tak. Jan has been involved with dogs since the 1980"s and is breeding and training German Shepherds since 1994.

    Jan van der Tak

    Jan van der Tak & Pike Gardefense

  • Licensed K9 training instructor
  • KNPV trainer
  • FCI German Shepherd breeder
  • Member of the Dutch KNPV
  • Member of the Dutch VDH
  • Dog Behavior Specialist
  • and more ...
  • Gardefense German Shepherds

    Only Quality has a Fututre.

    GARDEFENSE GERMAN SHEPHERDS is a private owned German Shepherd Kennel located in the Netherlands. We breed German Shepherds able to do Police Work and Sport. Dogs who excel in drives and ability to work. We only use the best genetic speciments that German Shepherd dogs have to offer. Our knowledge and expertise gives us an impaccable record raising German Shepherds without the most common genetic problems found in some over bred bloodlines.

    You can find Gardefense German Shepherds training all over the world in all different kind of programs and serving several Law Enforcement Offices.

    Gardefense German Shepherds are not bred just for their looks but for their abillity to work. We only use selected dogs from lines that have proven themselves as working lines. The black coat is characteristic for the Gardefens bloodline. We have a registration with the Dutch Kennel Club for over 20 years and all our pure breed German Shepherds will come with a FCI pedigree.

    We train the dogs we keep in our kennel according the standard of the KNPV and title our dogs in either PH1 - PH2 or Object if possible. For more information about our stud Pike Gardefense, upcoming litters, bloodlines and availability, please contact us.


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